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Being in the Bobcat and Excavator hire industry in Sydney, I have worked in all areas and ground conditions from sandy conditions down at the Northern Beaches and surrounding areas, across to kurnell, to clay and shale around the Hills shire as far as Penrith and across to Campbelltown and to rock and sandstone in the mountains as far as Wentworth falls. From experience all jobs require different processes and time constraints.

Working in sandy conditions can be very challenging, a real concern of collapse on trench and box outs is a major factor plus the impact of high tide and low tide for low lying areas. From an Excavation point of view, shoring boards and boxes are a must in most cases depending on depth of cut and excavation required. Landscaping in sandy conditions becomes more challenging because the ground moves so much, so machines with tracks is in 90% of cases are a must.

Here at Bilbie's We can supply Bobcats with steel tracks with rubber pads and also rubber tracks on our excavators which means lower ground pressure to float over the sand to accomplish the job faster without sinking in the sand which means a better finish and a faster completion time. Drilling piers in sand is also very hard because the material always wants to collapse, in our experience forma tube is usually required of course. By using this method you are guaranteed of a clean hole that is structurally sound but it also depends on what depth you require. Most excavations in sand require a lot more attention to land shift, so what we call battering is a must. This means any excavation should be tapered off at an angle to stop the material from caving in so usually you may be required to stockpile an excess of sand on site to assist in back filling later. Sandy conditions are challenging but with knowledge and experience it is easy.

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