Bobcat Hire in Sydney - Rock Excavations

Working in Sydney we also come across a lot of jobs that require excavations in rock. These areas extend from the Coast, Western Sydney and right up to the Blue Mountains and are usually time consuming and challenging. The best way to deal with rock is to use a big machine for the bulk and then dress the rest with smaller equipment.

Here at Bilbie's we are detail operators and can achieve most of your detail requirements. We have found many times that the rock shelf is not far below the topsoil so a ground investigation does not take long and can give you an idea of the extent of a rock excavation that is required. There are many ways of dealing with rock; you can saw it using a big excavator mounted saw or a road saw. Depending on depth, you can sometimes rip it using a excavator with a ripper or hammer it using demolition hammers.

Here at Bilbie's if we have not got the equipment ourselves we know somebody who has and they too are professionals who are as experienced as we are in dealing with rock. In most cases rock jobs don’t need shoring or benching or battering as long as the rock is stable and is not fractured you can have some nice feature walls using its own natural rock feature. But it all comes down to prep and an eye for detail.

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