Bobcat Hire in Sydney - Working with Clay and Shale

Working with clay is usually very good, it gives you a strong solid base for most construction processes, you can drill piers without forma tube and in most cases collapse is not a concern as long as they are not left open for to long. The detail that can be achieved whilst working with clay and shale makes life so much easier. As always though, benching and shoring is required on any excavation deeper than 1 metre but usually these kind of ground conditions do not move like other sandier conditions. The ground is usually harder which is a bit more time consuming but you always have better results. All in all you can do anything in that kind of material.

Working in shale is a bit more time consuming again. In most cases you can just dig through it but some shale’s we come across are as hard as rock, so sometimes you have to rip the material with a ripper attachment. At Bilbie's we have a 5 Tyne ripper for the bobcat and a single ripper on our excavator, that usually starts the ball rolling. But some shale’s we have come across need the Excavator mounted demolition hammer to remove it as some shale’s have a large iron content and can be stubborn but with the right equipment and knowledge you can achieve anything.

Landscape preparation is easier as well; you can turn hard clay into a very nice turf underlay with a bit of time and effort. Using our five Tyne ripper you break up the clay by ripping it again and again, then you add sand, stir it through the clay using the ripper, we then add gypsum to help in the process of breaking down the clay. We add a mixture of garden mix and water crystals and stir that threw using the 5 Tyne ripper, this will give you a fluffy base that will retain moisture and be high in nutrients for your turf, then we cap it off with a 25mm to 50mm screened topsoil that is spread out using our spreader bar. The end result is a golf course finish that will suit the finest of turf.

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